Glacier Bay National Park

A tidewater glacier in Glacier Bay

A tidewater glacier in Glacier Bay

Unspeakably Pure and Sublime

Glacier Bay National Park is located across Icy Strait from Chichagof Island, 60 miles northwest of Juneau in southeast Alaska. The bay itself, almost 70 miles long, is surrounded by a horseshoe-rim of mountains which include the Fairweather Range to the west and the St. Elias Mountains to the north. The Park is said by many to contain the most spectacularly glaciated mountains in the world. Equally impressive is the Park’s abundance of wildlife, particularly marine life which includes porpoise, seals, otters, sea lions and three species of whales.

But more than the ice, mountains, or wildlife, Glacier Bay is wild country; undeveloped beyond Bartlett Cove, unyielding to the inexperienced and uncharted where glaciers have changed the topography faster than man can map it. This Glacier Bay belongs to the backcountry users who take to sea touring kayaks to explore and experience the remote corners and passageways of the 3.28 million acre park.

Please see the National Park Service’s official park website for more information.