Sample Menus

Suggested Sample Menus

When packing for your kayak trip, plan your menus in advance and remember that all food and smelly items must be packed into bear canisters. Space is an issue so you should select items appropriate for a back packing trip rather than a river rafting trip. Remove all food items from their bulky store packaging and put them in zip lock bags with the cooking instructions. By doing this, you can reduce by half the space needed to store them which will leave you with a lot more room for important food like chocolate and gorp! Decant items in breakable glass containers into plastic containers. Feel free to mail your dried food items to us in advance, U.S. Priority mail. (Private carriers take much longer to deliver to rural Alaska.)  See our mailing FAQ for details.


Instant oatmeal & other quick- cook cereals
Pancake mix
Dried fruits
Powdered juice mixes
Powdered milk
Coffee, tea & cocoa mixes


Peanut butter and jelly
Instant soups
Flat breads (wraps) or firm breads
Mayonnaise, mustard, & other condiments in plastic or squeeze containers
Cream cheese & jelly
Sardines, tuna, pate, etc.
Hummus, Tabouli w/Pita bread
Dried fruits
Lots of gorp and snack mixes
Powdered fruit drink mixes
Powdered milk


Here are some grocery shelf alternatives to the over-priced, frequently tasteless freeze-dried meals.

Maccaroni & Cheese
Boxed pasta meals
Boxed noodle meals
Boxed rice meals, Rice-a-Roni. etc.
Instant refried beans, tortillas, salsa & burrito fixin’s
Polenta, grits, etc.
Curry soup ingredients
Spice kit with onions, garlic, olive and/or sesame oil, soy, etc.
Drink mixes, coffee & tea

And don’t forget your chocolate!

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This family owned business’s slogan is ‘Meals as Adventurous as You Are.’ They offer excellent vegan and gluten-free camping meals.  When kayak camping in a colder, rainy environment like Glacier Bay, you’ll want to have quaity food that maximizes calories and nutrition. GBSK co-owner, Leah Okin, purchased their 8 day meal package as an experiment to find out if it would satiate a non-vegan with a hearty appetite and came away amazed and satisfied. Their menu options offer wholesome and easily prepared food that packs down small.  Food For The Sole will ‘feed your adventure’ with food that is tasty, filling and makes you feel good eating it. If you order from them, feel free to have it drop-shipped to us so that it will be here for your arrival.