Kayak Trip Reservation Form


* This page is for Multi-Day Trips only*
See the
Day Trip Reservation Form for one-day adventures.
Please see How to Make a Reservation for more information.

If you are renting a kayak from us, we require that you book your camper transportation through us.

Prior to submitting a reservation form, please email us to check availability and for more information on our COVID operation protocols. We are requiring that all guests be fully vaccinated including a current booster shot.

Complete the top portion of the form with your contact information. If you are unable to fill out or submit the form due to an “invalid input” notification, you will need to refresh the page and start over with a new form. A record of your reservation will be sent to the email that you provide on this form.  Please be sure to fill out all the required information.

Our office is closed for the winter until March 15th of each year. You may fill out the web reservation form anytime after January 1st and we will secure your kayak and make your camper transport (drop-off and/or pick-up), along with any Glacier Bay Lodge room or Alaska Seaplane air taxi reservations. For security reasons, we do not take payment information on the form. When we open our office in March, we will contact you for your credit card payment information to secure your deposit.