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OrientationKayak Rental & Instruction

Kayak rental and instruction programs are conducted daily by reservation at 9:00 AM, 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM in Bartlett Cove. Our staff consists of avid kayakers with many years experience in Glacier Bay. During these programs, kayaking techniques, safety, distances, weather, tides, and drop-off/pick-up procedures are discussed. You will have ample time to ask questions regarding your trip plans. All programs are conducted at the National Park Service Visitor Information Station (VIS) in Bartlett Cove, Glacier Bay National Park. Join us to don raingear, PFD’s and spray skirts and be prepared to kayak!

9:00 AM Rental & Instruction

At the 9:00 AM instruction programs, we meet all people paddling for the day in the Bartlett Cove area and those paddling into or passing through the Beardslee Island area for a one-way pick-up by the tour boat up bay. Once the kayaks and equipment are introduced, special tide considerations for this area are covered as well as kayaking and camping techniques and safety. This session generally lasts about an hour, and kayakers can then organize their gear and plan their departure from the beach according to the day’s high tide.

2:00 PM Rental & Instruction

For those who wish only a few hours of kayaking in the afternoon in Bartlett Cove, we meet again for another group instruction period at 2:00 PM. Instruction is limited to information regarding kayaking techniques and tides. Our instructors issue you a map, go over possible destinations for your afternoon paddle, and send you off. Kayaks should be returned to the racks in Bartlett Cove by 5:30 PM.

5:00 PM Rental & Instruction

At 5:00 PM, we meet all kayakers planning to depart the next morning for a camper drop off up bay by the daily tour boat. We begin by introducing the equipment, and sizing everyone for life vests, paddles and raingear (if needed). Our staff will discuss tides, distances, safety factors, fill out rental forms, and answer any trip itinerary questions that you may have. The evening instruction and kayak rental sessions generally last two hours.

An outline of the information that our staff will cover during your kayak orientation can be found on our Backcountry Rental Pre-Departure Information page under Planning Details under the Backcountry Trip Planning tab


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